The Radical Prostatectomy


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Bryce Manning was shocked to discover, after a routine blood test, that he had prostate cancer. He decided to document his journey in the form of a one man play. Poignant, emotional and sometimes funny, Bryce courageously tells his story here, from his first visit to the G.P. through to life after surgery.

It’s a brutally honest account of a cancer treatment

that is at the same time brutally common.


If you, or someone you know, is going through prostate cancer then this story will give you some indication of the ups, downs and the often unseen emotional toll it can have on a person.


This film is in no way trying to give medical advice.  

Its aim is to try and give people an indication of what a loved one is going through during a Radical Prostatectomy.


It is one man's journey.