I've been performing magic for almost 40 years and I still remember the first time someone showed me a card trick.  I couldn't believe it!  right there, in front of my eyes, a card changed from a Queen to an Ace.  To see a child's face light up when something magical happens is a kind of magic in itself.  Surprise, joy and wonder.

In 'The Magical Faces Project' I have teamed up with talented portrait photographer Mac Rovik (Pixels by Mac) to produce a series of stunning photographs of children captured just as they react to a magic trick.

This project has been in my head for many years and I have quietly been searching for the suitable photographer.  When I saw Mac's photographs I knew she was the right person for the job. 

She has the ability to capture exactly the kind of image I was after and the results, as you can see below, are stunning in their simplicity and beauty.

This is just the first installment in what we hope will be an ongoing project.  In January 2017 'The Magical Faces Project' will be taking to Fringe World, Perth, in a much larger capacity but for now please enjoy this first draft of what's to come.


Matt Penny